IELTS Listening: Usual Mistakes To Ignore For A High Score

IELTS Listening: Usual Mistakes To Ignore For A High Score
As some other students, do you also observe IELTS listening more cumbersome than IELTS Reading

If you think then we suggest only this could be the reason!

You have the text in front of your eyes while IELTS reading test. Hence, you have to refer it as the number of times as per your wish. Whereas in concerned IELTS listening test you listen only recording. Rewind option you will not get again. This is what specifically what makes listening tougher than reading for some aspirants.

This post is about usual mistakes commits by the candidates on listening paper and skills to ignore them.

1.  Listening Blindly The Audio

Here “Blindly listening” means listening to the audio without grasping what information you will get into it. This will make you in a position where you cannot identify the right answer.

Hence, you should read the provided instructions correctly, see the hints and find the situation of the audio that is going to listen. Further, reading the questions prior hand will also enable you to recognize the accurate information easily while listening to the audio.

2.  Ignoring Use Of Prediction Techniques

Along with understanding the audio in a situation and knowing the hints, it is equally crucial to find some sort of information prior to the audio starts. You must be able to find-
•    Certain information that the question demands you to search
•    This type of audio you are going to listen

Without aiming, it will be difficult for you to seek your response from the audio.

Underlining the important points can enable you to determine. When the audio is being played, you have to focus on where the points or its paraphrases and synonyms are used. You may seek answers somewhere in the between the audio.

3.  Losing Your Concentration

It may be possible that across a question that leaves you in a situation of difficulty and you cannot get an answer. This will result in destruction and hence, you will come losing your focus. Hence, it is suggestible that you don’t concentrate on only one question.

Not able to seek an answer? Just be calm and move on to the subsequent question.

Ignoring 1 question will not damage you more than one mark. Hence, don’t worry if any such condition comes in your IELTS test.

4.  Ignoring Distractors

Generally, attention-grabber is used in the test to track the candidates. They are usually the wrong answer that comes right. But, in the IELTS Listening module, you should not ignore attention-grabber. Instead, You should pay more focus to them.

This may happen at the time of audio is being played – a speaker will 1 word & then at the other situation he will make himself correct. You should be fast @ recognizing the attention-grabber or else you may end up replying the wrong answer. Similar is the situation with Multiple choice questions. You listen to a number of options out of which only one will be correct. Therefore, you should stay attentive.

5.  Avoiding The Provided Instructions

Avoiding the suggestions of any question types asked in IELTS test is acceptable. Initially, you should read the suggestions and then the questions and write answers as per.

In case, the provided suggestions read answer in no more than 2 words, then you must require to write any one word or 2 words. You will not score if you write your response in 3 words.

6.  Making Grammatical Mistakes

 Grammatical mistakes are also considered while preparing your answers. In case, you have written “Plural” in place of “Singular” means in case you mistake ‘s’, you lose the marks. Similar is the situation with the use of a countable and uncountable noun. Therefore, be cautious with the usage of Grammar.

7.  Leaving Blank Answers

In the case of IELTS Listening module, you will not lose marks for wrong answers, If you are not knowing the answer then you can guess the answer. There are 2 reasons to do this:

 You will not lose the points if the answer is wrong

-    In case you leave a blank space, you may write the correct answer in the wrong place later on.

Hence, it is suggestible to guess instead of leaving blank.

8.  While Listening to The Audio, Writing  The Answer Sheet

Don’t forget, you get to hear the audio only time in the IELTS Listening test. Therefore, it is crucial that you neither lose the concentration nor miss the information.

Anyhow, dragging from your question paper t answer sheet while listening to the audio is not advisable. It takes lots of time, creates confusion and also distracts you. By making it simple, don’t read, hear and write at a time.
You have been provided with 10 more minutes to transfer your responses on the answer sheet once the audio is finished. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the provided time to transfer responses & ignore writing them while listening to the audio.

Make sure that IELTS Test day is not the first instance you are attending for the listening module. Put effort in IELTS Listening practice test while undergoing the test preparation at IELTS coaching center. Get well versed with a variety of questions, understand different skill to solve them & score good marks in the actual test.